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The Litter-Robot Ambassador Program for Social Influencers

Whether you're an Instagrammer with a following of 450,000, a blogger with 10,000 monthly visitors, 
or your 200 Facebook friends really love engaging with your posts, the Litter-Robot Affiliate Program can work for you. 

Share your Litter-Robot love and leverage the buying power of your unique audience. Offer your followers a $25 discount and get paid when they purchase a new Litter-Robot through your shareable URL. The Litter-Robot is not traditionally discounted, which means you hold the key to the only price cut available. 

We'll be there for you every step of the way; as our partner, your success is our success. There's no cost to join
and we'll equip you with the tools, assets, and support to hit the ground running and start earning money. 

Create and share unique content through your social channels to promote your affiliate link. Not socially active? Post our ready-made ads and content to your blog or business site.

Take advantage of your Portal by downloading brand assets, ads, flyers, photos, and more. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll develop it for you.

Track clicks, referrals, campaigns, and sales through your Dashboard. See what works, refine your strategy, and get paid monthly via PayPal.

You don't have to have thousands of followers to have an influence.

Easy Signup & Approval

Simply sign up with your PayPal-registered email, select the Social Influencer group, and await our approval. There's no cost to join. It's that easy to get started!

Offer a Unique Discount Link

Once approved, you'll receive a unique URL that automatically discounts any new Litter-Robot and associates the purchase with your affiliate account.

How It Works

Create & Share Content

Supportive Marketing Materials

Track Results & Get Paid

Success Stories


YouTube, Facebook, Blog

Affiliate since March 2015

"As a Litter-Robot affiliate for the last two years, I've helped more than 175 of my followers purchase a unit with a $25 discount. In the last three months with their new software, I've been able to scale my campaigns significantly, earning much more in affiliate commissions and making the program easier to manage. A few videos per year has earned me an extra $10,000 annually in take-home pay. My kitties Helios, Athena, Zeus & Phoebe are quite appreciative of their earnings and new Litter-Robot Open Air!"

Average Monthly Earnings: $3,450/month (2016)



Affiliate since April 2016

"Max and I signed up for the Litter-Robot affiliate program just last week and we've already earned $200 from our Instagram posts. The Litter-Robot team has been very responsive to all of my questions as this is my first time running an affiliate program. We are very excited to see what we can do with this, especially come Holiday season! Thanks Litter-Robot for a great product!"

First Month's Earnings: $200

The more you put in, the more you get out.


Blog, YouTube

Affiliate since February 2016

"I have been an Amazon affiliate for several years with my blog earning some decent money. In just three months since signing up for the Litter-Robot program, I've increased by 100% the income I was making with Amazon. I asked my Account Manager at Litter-Robot for new ads - they created them and now I placed them on strategic places on my website! It's so easy to manage and they've been very supportive in our partnership, including with my YouTube videos."

Earnings: 100% increase over Amazon affiliate program income

Assets to Accelerate Your Program

For Publishers

For Influencers

(blogs, websites, forums, other)

(Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & more)

For In-Person Referral

(shelters, clinics, pet store, etc.)

Double-sided flyer with affiliate URL sticker that your customers and clients can use after they leave.

Double-sided pop-up kiosk with tablet for video (front)

Double-sided pop-up kiosk (back)

Want more?

Log in to your Dashboard to access more than 40 assets or email your Account Manager.  We'll work with you to develop the right resources for your program.

Reach your audience—wherever they are. 

Our Ambassadors Span the Globe

Promote to your US followers, no matter where you are. 

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