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All-New Modern Cat Furniture

Introducing our new collection of modern cat furniture!
Perfect for both cats and cat parents!

Cat Tower

Cat Pyramid

Our cat tower reimagines the cat tree with its modern cubic design, unique vegetable-dyed sisal scratch pads, and the included cat bed. This stylish piece features three climbing holes and felt pads.

The A-frame cat pyramid offers a maze-like structure that’s sure to entice any feline. This modern cat tree will keep cats entertained while complementing your home decor.

Grand Walnut finish

39.02''W x 17.24''D x 63.82''H

White or Mystic Oak Woodgrain

18.03''W x 17.2''D x 53.86''H

Cat Side Table

Cat Silo

The stylish, multi-functional cat side table fits next to a bed or couch, providing you with practical surface space while allowing your cat a private hangout spot in the same vicinity.

The cat silo fits seamlessly into your living space: While your cat enjoys the grey cushioned base and the two grey sisal scratch pads, the top surface provides table space for you.

Grey Woodgrain finish

20.91''W x 15.51''D x 23.07''H

Black Woodgrain finish 

14.65''W x 14.65''D x 26.3''H

Cat Shelf (2-Pack)

These wall-mounted shelves give your cat a place to hang out away from other pets and people, look out the window, or catch some Zs. Each shelf includes a soft grey cushion.

Grand Walnut finish 

12.99''W x 11.02''D x 11.02''H

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