for every kind of cat parent

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Essentials Bundle

Clean Bundle

For the one in the know

For the clean freak

This cat parent wants every new gadget and gizmo to make sure their cat lives their best life.

They love their cat more than anything, and they’ll also do anything to make sure their house smells fresh.

Subscription Offer

Get 25% off your first subscription

Get cat essentials designed for Litter-Robot, like, premium clumping litter and all-natural cleaning products delivered right to your door.

Starter Bundle

Double Bundle

For the new cat parent

For the growing cat family

Make sure these first-timers are stocked with everything they need to make this amazing adventure even easier.

One Litter-Robot works for up to 4 cats, but sometimes four cats just isn't enough.

Connected Home Bundle

For the traveler

They probably ask for constant photo updates from the pet sitter while they’re away (we get it), so this at least takes care of the feeding and scooping.

OdorTrap™ Subscription

Litter Subscription

For the smelly cat

For the forgetful cat parent

It’s not their fault!

Too busy with their cat to go to the store? Get premium litter delivered to their door.

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