Meet Litter-Robot

The Highest-Rated, Self-Cleaning Litter Box

with Connect

Price: $499 + FREE SHIPPING

*Contiguous USA

Made in the USA

with Global Materials

Litter-Robot does all the dirty work for you.

Never scoop cat litter again.


Your house won't smell like a litter box.

Odor Control

Clean Paws

Your cat won't have to step on poop, to go poop.

90 day return ... why not?

"I wasn't sure my cat would use it but since it came with 90 day return policy I figure why not try it cat can't stay out of it. She is so curious...she loves using her new Litter Robot, even I love it. No more scooping the poop, especially with my arthritic hands. Thanks Litter Robot."

Cheryl G.

So happy

"My husband and I are so happy with our Litter Robot lll. It allows us to focus on our kitten instead of thinking about whose turn it is to change the litter box!"

Tiffany M.

More time for play

"We both run our own companies and this Litter Robot has greatly improved ours and our 2 cat's lives. We're able to devote more of our time to play and bonding at night after a long day at work. Our boy cat took a week to get used to using it, but now he runs in to watch it turn. He is a cat obsessed now! "

Amanda U.

The Internet's favorite automatic litter box.